Dave foundation is non-profit foundation funded by Syndicate Finance Mumbai and the Group. The foundation is formed for a cause and since many years it have been helping the need by way of donations and charity. The foundation is actively donating to various charitable trusts, organisations, societies, individuals etc.

The foundation has various donation programs, like:

  1. Donation for Deaf and Blind
  2. Donation for Education fees
  3. Donation for Medical Problems
  4. Donation for Orphanage
  5. Donation of Wheel Chairs, Medicine, medical equipment
  6. Any other donation which the trust deems fit.

The foundation is active in donations with various organisations and programs like:

  • National Association for the Blind - http://www.nabindia.org
  • Father Agnel Ashram charitable institution for Orphanage¬†
  • Various scholarship programs
  • Tata Memorial Hospital of Cancer - https://tmc.gov.in
  • WWF supporters program, Save the Tiger
  • Anti Poaching Wildlife Program

Please write to us at: donations@syndicatefinance.in

Important Note:

Any needy can make an application via email or letter at the above address and if it qualifies under the program the concerned authority from the foundation shall get in tough with you directly. The foundation reserves the rights to accept or not accept the application and decide the donation amount at its sole discretion with no influence of any kind.